WEllness Plans


Brooklyn Yard Veterinary Hospital offers wellness plans to fit your pet’s lifestyle. From our youngest patients to our more mature pets, wellness plans allows owners to budget their pet’s health care over the course of the year. These plans offer not only routine care such as vaccinations, but also preventative laboratory monitoring to screen your pet for any indications of disease or problems. Early disease detection can allow us to intervene and provide solutions to help your pet live a longer, healthier life.

Wellness plan details

Wellness plans are geared for healthy dogs and cats at every stage in life who need their yearly care. This includes any examinations throughout the year, vaccinations based on lifestyle risk, parasite screening, and basic laboratory work.  Puppy and kitten plans are appropriate very young animals just brought into a home or newly adopted younger animals. They include extra vaccine boosters that may be needed for new pets.  Adult wellness plans include all preventative care plus the option to add on a dental cleaning. Senior wellness plans have expanded diagnostics appropriate for older pets that include x-rays, metabolic screening, and blood pressure as well as an add on dental package. You can choose to pay for plans up front (and waive the enrollment fee) or pay in monthly installments. Testing and treatments can be spread out throughout the year or done together—whichever makes sense for your pet’s needs.

wellness plan Exclusions

Wellness plans are intended for routine care of healthy animals and are not appropriate for pets who present to our hospital sick. They are intended to help with early disease detection but do not cover treatment of problems that are uncovered or other medical problems your pet may have. Pet insurance plans cover accidents and illnesses at any facility and compliment our wellness plans. Wellness plans do not cover the cost of monthly parasite control for fleas, worms, or heartworm.

Wellness Plan Cancellation

If a wellness plan is cancelled for any reason, the prices of the standard services will be calculated and payment will be due for the cost of services used. Payments already made will be applied to this total.


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