Maya b

Maya started working with animals when she was just 5 years old. Her mother used to take her to volunteer at the local animal shelter, and she never stopped. She was a volunteer at Greenhill Humane Society in Eugene for many years, eventually working in their spay/neuter feral cat clinic. But her favorite volunteer adventure was when she traveled alone to Ecuador to live and work at a wildlife rehabilitation center in the Amazon rainforest. There she helped build enclosures, assist with veterinary exams, and was responsible for feeding and handling over 100 animals, ranging from monkeys to large cats.

When she moved to Portland in 2011, she started working at Rose City Veterinary Hospital and was trained as a client care representative, veterinary assistant and technician assistant. During her 8 1/2 years there, she learned to thrive in a very busy modern practice and found a love for patient care, client education, cat health and behavior.

In August of 2019, Maya joined Brooklyn Yard Veterinary Hospital to expand her skills as a veterinary assistant. She wants to use her fear free training to focus more on animal behavior, personalized veterinary medicine and strengthening the human/animal bond. She is excited to be part of a small communicative team, and to become more involved in the community through the clinic's outreach events and programs.

Maya is passionate about the vision that Dr. Phelps has, and cannot wait to help the practice grow and flourish. She believes that Alayson has curated an approach to veterinary medicine that is vastly different than many other clinics, and is thrilled to be able to learn from her.

In her free time, Maya loves to walk around the town, read, garden, bake, see live music, dance and work on her embroidery art. She lives nearby in the neighborhood with her boyfriend, their two cats Penguin and Fry and dog Charlie.